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Canadian Warplane Heritage
A beautiful Museum - filled with flying Warbirds

Robert's Page
The many hobbies of Robert Willington from the U.K.

Packet Radio
Useful site if you're interested in Packet Radio

Jason's Ham Radio Page
Nice! .......and lots of links to Amateur Radio.

Frank Sinatra
Fanny's excellent Tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes.

Frank Sinatra
Robert Kluver's Sinatra page - written the day following Frank's death. Listen with Real Player to Frank's all-time hits.

The Veterans' Memorial
Lest We Forget!

NASA - Live Cams
See NASA projects live.

Hans Verhoog
Not a relative of mine - in the Netherlands.


Hi and welcome to my home page!

Hamilton, Ontario L9A3L5

Hi - my name is Art Verhoog - born in The Netherlands some time ago. Joyce and I have our digs in Hamilton. A nice city - even though it's a steel city. We live on what is proudly referred to as the "mountain" and looking down at our city one notices most streets are lined with trees. Miles of hiking are close to the city and on the shores of Lake Ontario.

I have set out more personal information and photos on a separate page.

My hobbies are Aviation - especially Warbirds - and Amateur Radio. My Callsign is: VA3ART. - Hams can reach me at: va3art@va3bbs.#scon.on.can.noam or:

If you look at my links, you'll find some nice stuff about Ham Radio and also about Aviation. Don't forget to check out the Canadian Warplane Heritage. And I have a tribute to a guy I admire: A man who is able to state "I did it my way!"

If you wish to follow the circle of friendship through some HOLLAND WEB RING SITES, enter here!

Or if all you need is some peace and beauty, I can supply just the thing! Visit my visual gift to you - a sunset java lake applet.

Have fun and please leave me a few lines. I will reply ASAP or sooner!


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